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Marhaban Ya Ramadhan . And happy fasting guys :) Btw im going to sit for my SPM TRIAL on ths 8th Aug-25th Aug :) Wish me luck guys :)

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

My fingers tell you everything !

Hey you all bloggers .Yes i know this is suprise because once again i have create a new blog . Well i guess , from just sitting in front of my pc and playing online games as well as facebook is better if i create a new blog to share what i have with you all ! :) Why do i create a new blog ? It is just because a nice stupid reason from me -- I forgot my olg blog's password ! :/ And even my boyfriend asked me 'buat blog baru lagi?' . Haha

Previously , I had tried xinga . It is kinda boring and annoying . In addition , i still online my myspace :P Myspace is kinda lame now . Tom tried to make myspace more intresting than before but unfortunately it is late for you Tom . Mark is double awesome from you . From 7,735 friends on my myspace , there are only 3 people who online their myspace everyday . Aiyo :s People now are more interest with facebook , tumblr , twitter and so on . But me more on blogspot :)

I dont really remember how to work on this thing more now but ill try to figure all this out in a very soon . Keep on reading my online diary guys ! Have a nice Jumaat and assalamualaikum :)



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