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Marhaban Ya Ramadhan . And happy fasting guys :) Btw im going to sit for my SPM TRIAL on ths 8th Aug-25th Aug :) Wish me luck guys :)

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Its been awhile..

Assalamualaikum and hye guys ..

I guess it is quiet a long time i didnt post any new post on blog . Act , I just had a very tough situation and it bang me alot , gimme alot of lesson , gimme alot of warn . And yes , one of thngs that I've learn is IMPPOSIBLE IS NOTHING .

Guess , I just lost 2 person in my life . 1st one is my granny who was passed away on last 5 syaban / 7th July . Al Fatihah for her guys . Eventough im not relli close with her , but im one of her 3 grandchilds who take care of her and stay by her side for a week before she died . And during the day i was with her , I can feel her pain , i can see how much strenght she tried to gather to ensure that she can live again normally . Unfortunately , i was not there during her last time in this world because i was at the school . She passed away in 12 pm and i knew about it around 3 pm . Can you guess what i felt on that time ? I guess my half of soul was not with me on tht time .

Then on last 19th July , once again i lost someone and he is my uncle . Al Fatihah for him . His death was very unexpected to all of us because during the tahlil for my granny , he looked so healty and strong but suddenly , yeah ajal and maut di tangan Tuhan . Yg pergi ttp pergi , Yg hidup harus diteruskan hidup mereka...

By the way guys , my trial is on 8th August . Do pray for me guys . Im kinda dupdapdupdap here hehe . Bt all i wanna do is i wanna give all my best . Thats all :)


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